Babe, I'm 52, with a bad back, bad hip, wonky knee and shit ankle. I'm here for you. 💞💞💞

If you EVERRR want to talk about the Bariatric surgery process / getting ready for it, hit me up. I also have a wealth of nutritional resources that aren't asshat-ery or ridiculous, especially in the lead-up to WLS.

It took me 10yrs to decide to make the first appt with a WLS surgeon, and then another 18 months until I had the surgery (VSG)... I took it *really* slowly. 😹

But, in those 18 months I started making small but significant changes in my eating, and in my *head*. I needed to adjust to the idea that I was really having the surgery, that I needed to. (FYI, at my recorded heaviest I was 420lbs, and I'm 5'5" on a good day.)

Oh, one more thing, I just started tracking my nutritional intake again; my energy has been crap and I think too little protein is a cause. If you're looking for a good app, may I suggest "Baritastic"...



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